Web Design Project for a Santa Maria Based Company

Seven Reasons to Rebuild Your Website

There are multiple reasons a company might want to rebuild their website. In our experience here in Santa Maria, here are the top reasons we’ve found that you might want to look into working with a professional to rebuild your website.

1. Update to the Latest Functionality

Responsive Design. It is a must in today’s world. A large percentage of your visitors will be visiting your site from either a tablet or mobile device. Is your website responsive?  If you haven’t updated your site in the last 3-5 years, your site may not be compatible with these devices and  Google’s new rules.  Let’s use Responsinator.com find out what your site looks like access these devices:

2. Pride of ownership

Think of the guy on your block who has that yard you are tempted to go and clean yourself. If you don’t refresh your site every 5 years or so, it begins to look outdated, and sends a message that your business may be stagnant. This can effect your web traffic and also hurt your search ranking. Letting your site remain stagnant for even 6 months can start to effect the way Google and other search engines rank your website. Let’s do a “yard cleanup” and get your site looking like the best yard on the block. Then your site should be actively managed at least once per month. We can help you with that by adding blog posts, event and news posts and other elements to the site. Or… we can teach you how to manage the site yourself.

3. Recruiting

Somebody talented is probably looking at your website. Are they impressed? Are they looking at your site thinking, “whoa, these guys are behind the times!” Don’t let your outdated website send the wrong message to potential recruiting talent. Dress to Impress so to speak.

4. Inspiration

Use a new web site design to inspire the crowd, win new customers and retain valuable current customers. Showcase those inspirational things that make your business stand out. A website is a great place to talk about community sponsorships and philanthropy. It is also the place to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

5. Integrate Social Media

Need a new marketing angle? Need a boost in sales? By integrating great social media posts, images and blog posts, you can boost traffic to your web site, leading to sales conversions. Social media is a great platform for breaking news, sharing views and moving people from discussion to sales conversions. Utilize social media by integrating it into your website. We can help you with that.

6. Showcase Your Current Work

Use a new design to showcase and/or update your projects, products or services. Today’s designs utilize large imagery to promote a response. Of course, it helps to have professional images to get the look you want. We can help you make an impact with a new sleek site design with upgraded imagery to showcase your business.

7. Engage Users

Use your website to keep people engaged. Post company news, write about your expertise, offer a tutorial or two, talk about your products. If you can offer TIMELY, USEFUL INFORMATION, people will keep coming back for more. In our experience, it is typical that businesses need help or a push in the right direction to keep users engaged. We can help you maintain a fresh user experience by helping post new information in a timely manner.
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